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192 Days Missing - eBook

192 Days Missing - eBook

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When a billionaire wants you dead… how do you survive?

“It’s The Equalizer, with a paranormal twist!”

Werewolf and private investigator Sara Flores has found nine missing people since she was turned. Her secret gives her an edge, but in this case it may not be enough.

Alaska Brown hasn’t been seen since she disappeared from a casino parking lot. The cops say she left willingly. The FBI isn’t looking.

The trail is cold and there are too many suspects, but Sara’s caught the scent of something very evil here. A man who thinks his wealth excuses any perversion. A man who doesn’t see the rest of us as even human. If Alaska is still alive, her terror must be unimaginable.

Can Sara and her small team of misfits really find Alaska and take down a billionaire — or is this the case that gets them all killed?

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