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Murder in Yellowstone

Murder in Yellowstone

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A murder that hides something much, much worse

Book Three of the Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. Series

PREORDER -- Book will be published April 16, 2024 or sooner

Private investigator Sara Flores has found a lot of missing women since she was turned werewolf by a shaman right before he died. But this case is a mess.

A young woman has disappeared. She was searching for evidence her father was murdered 12 years ago instead of dying in a Wyoming snowstorm because he was too drugged and too stupid to find shelter.

Sara races to solve both cases. But from Big Sky to the Crow rez to Yellowstone Park — bodies start piling up. The man behind this has had 30 years to build his empire. Nobody’s dared to cross him — at least nobody alive to tell about it. Not the girl’s dead father. Not Congress. Hell, not even the last three U.S. Presidents.

Has Sara bit off more than she can chew? Or are she and her small band of misfits the only ones who can save the girl and take down a man who believes he’s above the law?

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