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Murder in Yellowstone

Murder in Yellowstone

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Murder, blackmail, and a female werewolf running loose in Yellowstone Park

Book Three of the Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. Series

Private investigator Sara Flores has found a lot of missing women since she was turned werewolf. But this case is a mess.

 A young woman has disappeared. She was seeking evidence her father was murdered 11 years ago… That he didn’t die in a Wyoming snowstorm because he was too drugged and too stupid to find shelter.

Sara races from Big Sky to the Crow Rez to Yellowstone Park, trying to find the girl before she meets her father’s fate.

But the man behind her kidnapping has a billion-dollar money machine to protect. Nobody’s dared to cross him in 20 years — at least nobody alive to tell about it. Not the girl’s dead father. Not Congress. Hell, not even the last three U.S. Presidents.

What can Sara do?

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