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Werewolf Vigilante - Boxed Set of 3 Mystery/Action Novellas

Werewolf Vigilante - Boxed Set of 3 Mystery/Action Novellas

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Payback is a bitch

Rescuing those in need isn’t all Sara Flores likes about her new life as a werewolf. Who knew it would be so much fun terrorizing evil doers? Abusers. Murders for hire. Rich men building their fortunes on the pain of innocents. The looks on their faces when they discover they’re not invincible — it just warms a girl’s heart.

But Sara may have bit off more than she can chew. In this boxed set of three novellas, she runs right into a multi-state baby mill, a sex trafficking ring with police protection, and an assassin.

Sara’s just one woman — but she has surprise on her side. Because nobody believes in werewolves. At least, nobody alive does.

  • BETRAYAL IN OKLAHOMA. Sara looked into the tear-stained blue eyes of the pudgy 3-year-old as they dragged him away. She's going to save that kid if she has to bite the heads off half the criminals in the state. Literally.
  • AMATEUR ASSASSIN. Sara is vacationing in New York City when a subway trip brings her face to face with a woman who sets off warning bells. Is she a terrorist? A killer? Following her puts Sara up to her snout in betrayal and dead bodies. Just staying alive will be an accomplishment. Staying out of jail will take a miracle.
  • THE STENCH OF FEAR. Cops can smell trouble. When you’re a werewolf like Sara, you do your best to avoid them because they can sense something different about you. It makes them curious. Makes them want to investigate you. This is a big problem for Sara — because she’s after a man who works with the police. Who is protected by at least one of them. But she can’t stop now because they’re killing women.
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