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Newbie Werewolf - The first 8 adventures of Sara Flores

Newbie Werewolf - The first 8 adventures of Sara Flores

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Nobody to show her the ropes.
How will she use her new powers?
Collection: Seven short stories plus one novella

Nobody believes werewolves exist. Neither did Sara Flores until her Lupiti neighbor turned her. He then had the unmitigated gall to die on her, before telling her anything about what to expect.

Sara determines to use her new skills for good. But besides saving innocents, what exactly does that mean? Yes, she can track down bullies and evildoers. But, for example, is it okay to kill them? If so, is it okay to eat them? How about if she’s really, really hungry? Is it okay to walk down dark alleys hoping some bully is dumb enough to target her?

Most of all, can she keep going up against hideous evil — without leaving behind a piece of her soul? Avenger? Vigilante? Feel the rush of danger. Join her adventures!

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? Sara’s origin story.
A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING. Her first night running with wolves.
CHOICES. Can she save a woman from her husband’s psycho friend?
—THE TOO-SMART KID. Sara pulls a half-dead kid from the river — only to be targeted by goons.
—WHY I NEED TO STAY AWAY FROM TEXAS. A sheriff gets way too close!
—CURIOSITY KILLS (Novella): Sara is in the crosshairs of a billion-dollar oil company exec determined to kill a college hacker who found their biggest dirty secret.
—A WEREWOLF AT THE ZOO? Sara loses her mind over an abused wolf.
—WEREWOLF SEEKS LUPITI WISDOM: Sara wants answers from the dead Shaman who turned her. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

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