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Werewolf for Hire

Werewolf for Hire

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Will her first case be her last?
Book One (novella) of the Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I. Series

Lillian Knudsen, a war vet, amputee, and local shooting range owner, has someone out to kill her, but she's clueless as to who. Thankfully, she isn't clueless about where to turn for help.

Werewolf Sara Flores got her P.I. license for one reason — to give cops an excuse why they might find her near dead bodies — lots of dead bodies. It turns out evildoers who attack innocents aren’t interested in giving them up. Not without a fight.

Sara never planned to take on cases, but when Lillian asks — Sara can’t say no. Soon she’s up to her snout in hired assassins and explosives — because money is no object to the man who wants Lillian — and now Sara too — dead.

Nobody’s going to hire a P.I. who gets her first client murdered. Nor a P.I. who ends up dead herself. But Sara’s up against a man who’s never lost.


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